Address: 7133 162nd Street, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365         Tel: 718-380-KIDZ (5439)


About Us



         Welcome to CosmoKidz Pre-school.  We are a Daycare and a Learning Center!  CosmoKidz is a clean friendly facility with spacious classrooms and a safe private enclosed outdoor playground.  We believe that our teachers are our students' role models.​

​        As concluded by Piaget, caregivers can encourage problem-solving and can promote creativity "by making problem-solving opportunities available with a wide variety of materials, by encouraging infants and toddlers to experiment with solutions, by not jumping in too quickly to solve problems for them, and by helping them notice the results of their experiments."  Here at CosmoKidz the curriculum is developed with this psychology in mind, so that in the classroom the theory is in motion.

         Each day consists of circle time where children and teachers get together to discuss the days events, read stories and discuss stories, be entertained by puppet shows and also learn and sing new songs!  Another important aspect of the day is center time; this is where your child will work on his/her sensory-motor, social, language, and problem solving skills. We offer several different learning centers such as: arts and crafts, blocks, dramatic play, language, mathematics, and science.

         We believe in creating a nurturing and welcoming environment for our young scholars in our efforts to provide a culture for learning. Children are supported by their teacher through positive reinforcement and learning is an on-going experience through a child's social interactions with his or her classmates to praises from a teacher for doing great work during arts and crafts. Throughout your youngster's journey through early childhood, teachers will support your child's growth in persistence and taking initiative as well as inspire your youngster with creative and engaging planned play and curriculum.